Entry #1

Armor of God Animation

2016-06-20 15:21:22 by JoshuaCrown


I am so excited, My new animation is almost ready. Just a few things to sort out here and there then finding someone to narrate it.

This one is of a much higher quality but that means it's also shorter. Because of it's length i couldn't make a trailer but that didn't stop me from making teasers on my youtube channel and twitter.

I am also working on my website so i will be able to launch it on saturday with the animation



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2016-06-20 19:00:48

Armor of God? From the book of Ephesians or something entirely different?

JoshuaCrown responds:

Yes It's The one form Ephesian 6: 10 -18.
Although i rearranged the order in which the armor part are listed. i did it going from the boots to the helmet for cinematic effect :)


2016-06-20 22:15:04

That's what's up.

JoshuaCrown responds:

Hahaha thanks