SHUT UP it's not late for New year GIFs

2017-01-07 14:27:19 by JoshuaCrown


If anyone tells you it's too late to be making 2017 crossover GIFs, give them a slap.


NB: That late 2016 robotjam animation is still on it's way

After several months, i am happy to finally launch my first series 1000 Words

This episode was a collaboration with @spuggiehawk


About the Series

Gary (Blue) goes through photos of his past, every picture will tell a story of the events that took place leading up to the photo. Lots of easter eggs to find in the animation.

The character in Orange (His neighbour) is Called Stan



So i wanted to make an animation for robot day 2016 but never had the time :( , i will work on that animation next, hopefully it's not too late to join robot day 2016 haha.

But after the robot animation, i will then make a newgrounds themed animation

This may change, but for now, this is the order for my next animations


1000 Words

2016-11-05 13:26:13 by JoshuaCrown

A quick update on my latest animation

It's coming out great and it's nearly done.

A big thanks to @spuggiehawk for helping me with this one.

i have also been able to confirm that @hammytechnoid and @1000BucklesofVictory will have their names featued as easters eggs so look out for it.

I have also attached a preveiw image

1000 word Gary steve house

My Next Animation

2016-06-26 21:50:25 by JoshuaCrown

Hey all, thanks for the all the feedback and the positive response to my latest animation ( it left the under judgement section in just about 6-7 hours).



For my next animation i will be looking at something a little more episodic.
(to make it easier to produce animations consistently)

Although due to my little experience in lip syncing/voiced dialogue i will probabaly stick to something simple that doesn't require voicing.
I will be shifting from the Bible themed animations briefly as they take longer to produce ( i will not stop them however, i will simply work out a periodic system in which i will release bible animations)

I already have a great idea in mind for my next and i hope i will be able to execute the concept well.



Well for now i am taking a little break from animating, maybe a week or two.
This will give me enough time to research my next concept and as well acquire a more powerful computer.

I am not sure exactly how long it will take but i will keep you up to date as things develop :)


Also i am looking to try out  new art style for this animation :)



Armor of God Animation

2016-06-20 15:21:22 by JoshuaCrown


I am so excited, My new animation is almost ready. Just a few things to sort out here and there then finding someone to narrate it.

This one is of a much higher quality but that means it's also shorter. Because of it's length i couldn't make a trailer but that didn't stop me from making teasers on my youtube channel and twitter.

I am also working on my website so i will be able to launch it on saturday with the animation